This space is the space for relaxation and comfort after a long day, enjoying a good shower or a good hot tub is the pleasure you deserve, let us help you create the bathroom of your dreams.


The kitchen is the space most used by families and friends, it is the area of ​​good food and drinks, it is the place of charm where equipment, colors, textures are integrated in one place and with us that space can be a reality.


We offer the service of reform of homes and premises under an accessible budget, if we do not have the service, we place it for you to continue to have our supervision services and continue to provide quality.


The interior painting will have the preparation of the surface and the application will be determined with Roller or spray painting, Protect values ​​with tape, cloths, Cleaning work area after paint, Touch up any detail with precision instruments.


The exterior painting consists of the preparation with Pressure cleaning if necessary, covering lamps, windows and doors is part of the job when it comes to spray painting and taking care of the details is important to make a difference.


 We only use professional installers and labor is guaranteed. Your new appliance will only perform at optimal levels if it’s properly installed, our expert installers will ensure that the appliance is properly plugged in and ready to go.

Our Process
Every project we work on
undergoes three different stages

Client Consultation

During the first phase, the client’s needs and objectives are identified and discussed.

Design Development

After final approval of the design, the designer develops the project in greater detail.

Construction Administration

This is the final stage controlled by designer where things are built and installed.

7+ years of experiences for give you better result

Our experience is based on profesionals studies and hard work, that has allowed us to be for more than 7 years making remodeling and improvements to many houses, apartments, condominiums and commercial premises.

Eng. George Amezcua, CEO.

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